I think we live at a point of extreme darkness and extreme brightness. Extreme darkness, because we really do not know from which direction the light would come. extreme brightness, because we ought to have the courage to begin anew.
Michel Foucault in a dialogue with Baqir Parham.
Iranian Revolution, September 1978.

Cinema Fouad

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Mohammed Soueid, 1993, Lebanon, 41 min.

Khaled un trabajador sirio que se gana la vida en el Líbano un travestido de Beirut nos cuenta sus historias de amor y naufragio. Los conflictos y heridas que le infligen una sociedad intolerante.

Khaled, a Syrian worker earns his living in old town Beirut. He was born transvestite. Ever since he suffered of his sexual identity. Yet, he has determined to change his sex by a surgery which allows him to become a woman. This film enters into Khaled's intimate world, daily struggle and damages that inflict him in an intolerant society.  

Khaled un treballador Siri que es guanya la vida al Líban, un transvestit de Beirut, ens explica les seves històries d'amor i naufragi. Els conflictes i ferides que l'infligeixen una societat intolerant.