I think we live at a point of extreme darkness and extreme brightness. Extreme darkness, because we really do not know from which direction the light would come. extreme brightness, because we ought to have the courage to begin anew.
Michel Foucault in a dialogue with Baqir Parham.
Iranian Revolution, September 1978.

From Beirut...to those who love us

A Collective Video by Beirut DC Líbano, 2006, 6min.



Un video breve, una postal grabada el 21 de Julio 2006 durante los bombardeos sobre Beirut, que fueron contemplados como espectáculo mediático, sin reacción alguna de la comunidad internacional. Una colaboración entre Samidoun y Beirut DC para expresar el impacto de la violencia.

Hola, somos alrededor de 4 millones de habitantes, aproximadamente 150mil han salido del país. Hemos sido bombardeados por 15mil misiles provenientes de Israel. Al principio no nos poníamos de acuerdo en como dirigirnos a vosotros. ¿Deberíamos hablaros como a lo hacemos a la audiencia árabe?, o ¿cómo a europeos?. Al final, estuvimos de acuerdo en que la cuestión era irrelevante, pues en cualquier caso nadie está escuchando.
Ahora escuchadnos. Estamos sitiados, y el olor de las explosiones está en el aire.
Explosiones, y el mundo mirando...Lo que importa es que aún nos queda un poco de agua, de comida, de dignidad y amor.
¿Nosotros estamos aquí, dónde estáis vosotros?


The four-minute video letter From Beirut to... those who love us was made nine days after the beginning of the war, on July 21st 2006, by Beirut DC. It has first been screened during the fourth edition of Ayam Beirut Al Cinema'iya as part of a parallel section of the festival entitled Videos Under Siege and has, since then, toured the world in multiple festivals.

Beirut, August 8th 2006

This video letter was made on the 21st of July 2006.

So much has changed since then and it seems so far away.

Today we reached new figures: 1000 casualties, 4000 wounded and one million displaced.

Although this video was done eighteen days ago, it seems old and obsolete.

Many civilians died.

Many children succumbed to death under Israeli raids.

Many massacres were committed.


Again and again...

This small village that Christ chose to perform his first miracle became for the second time the scene of a massacre, a crime against humanity.

60 civilians including 37 children under ten years old died under the debris of a shelter.

37 children under ten years old!!!

Our video and all our efforts seem insignificant and inefficient.

We send it nonetheless “to all those who love us” to tell them that Lebanon in spite of all the massacres , in the midst of international silence, is still resisting after all... is still capable of love.
This is but A CRY, A LONESOME ONE, telling you that somewhere on this planet; 4 millions are being massacred and their cry falling into deaf ears. A CRY, AMONG MANY OTHERS, calling your support of those who lost their homes, their relatives... yet not their dignity.